Our way to support Ukraine

We are creative people from Ukraine who teamed up to create digital art and used it in merch. Part of the profit from sales goes to the Ukrainian army to destroy the russian terrorists. Most of us are staying in Ukraine and see everything with our own eyes, so we said a word about what’s happening and how we feel about it.

Freedom Blue! Independence Yellow!

Strong merch for free people

A Ukrainian team of creative people, artists, and marketers teamed up to create digital art and used it in merch.

During hard times because russia’s terrorist invasion, we strive to convey to the world the most important values for everyone. Life, freedom, and independence. This is exactly what Ukraine is fighting for today.

Freedom Blue! Independence Yellow!

Each of our products is an opportunity to be proud of yourself because your purchase brings Ukraine closer to victory.

By buying our merch, you help Ukraine gain more support and bring freedom and independence for your country, your city, your home.

Because the whole civilized world is a big family of freedom-loving people!

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