Product Design

Bayadera - Promo Program

Motivational Program


To develop a motivational program website with the scoring of sellers points for entering data on purchases/sales and the possibility of exchanging them for prizes.


Instead of developing a full-blown campaign blindly we:

• interviewed about 20 sales agents and sellers

• formulate hypotheses with its follow-up verification at the stage of

experimental program launching


• Some sellers don’t use the internet;

• Most sellers don’t have a professional education;

• It is impossible to monitor and verify quickly the reliability of business indicators — an estimated base for the motivational program mechanics;

• There is a high risk of manipulation with prize-winning mechanics and receiving prizes.

Experimental part

As the result we made decisions to develop:

• «magazine for sellers» with sales techniques, information about categories and products, sellers interviews, entertaining part with anecdotes and crossword puzzles;

• «tests and surveys for sellers» , by which we can receive feedback (on the program, on brochures, on the website, etc.), check seller knowledge of the brochures. We can also use test results as the main metric of the campaign success in the future.


• We saved resources on launching an expensive full-blown motivational campaign in digital, which

no one would use it.

• Successful approach lets the program work on their basis. In the future, it could increase sales and

the image of Bayadera among sellers.

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