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Bosch - Heatplaner service


UI/UX development and design


Buying a boiler is first and foremost an expensive investment that must be effective. Before buying a boiler a preliminary calculation is required (taking into account a lot of data, such as the area of the house, the type of windows, the height of the room, etc.)

To communicate the benefits of using Buderus boilers and the openness of the process of choice for the final consumer - the client decided to develop 5 online calculators. By using them the consumer can choose the right model, as well as calculate the efficiency and cost savings on boiler heating.


  • Lack of a single tool that allows to quickly and accurately make a calculation before buying
  • Lack of an understandable and convenient tool for calculating data and the output of the results.
  • The necessity to apply the installation company for manual calculations, which makes the process long and non-transparent.
  • Lack of opportunity to accurately assess the savings on heating when buying a boiler or solar system, to compare alternatives.


  • Develop software for five online calculators and integrate into the website
  • Develop an interface and design for the online calculators


- automatic calculation has reduced the time for calculating the data for boiler selection by several times

- user-friendly interface for faster and easier calculation of necessary parameters for the boiler installation and economic benefits

- Company partners began to process more orders due to increased calculation speed

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