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TM Baschinskiy

The company is one of the top 5 meat producers in Ukraine. It ranked second with 13.5% of the total volume. The company has over 250 product names and more than 5 trade groups: sausages, meat delicacies, culinary products, snacks, sandwiches, and a new group - frozen fully cooked meals.

Technology, values, and freshly refrigerated chicken meat - the three whales, or rather chickens, on which the company stands. TM is confidently looking forward to the future, where it has ambitious goals - to become a leader not only in the Ukrainian meat-producing industry but also in the markets of other countries.

The Goal

Create a brand in a new category - premium semi-finished products. And bring it to market.


The words "premium" and "semi-finished" are not used in the same sense. People associate these products with cheap and not very tasty food for a quick snack. For a student or someone who doesn’t want to cook. Moreover, even visually, all Ukrainian frozen products look cheap.

First, the problem was solved product-wise: we created a product line with 4 premium SKU for traditional recipes. Some of the elements, such as the pastry in a kotleta po-kyivsky, are the hand-made result.


People who eat not to satisfy hunger but to enjoy food. They live in cities with a million-plus population and choose premium goods.


• Develop naming and positioning that will make everything clear - without unnecessary words.

• Overcome audience bias about semi-finished products by making packaging visually appealing and stylish.

• Compete not with other semi-finished products, but with restaurants’ take-away.

The Goal

Acceptance of the new brand not as classic semi-finished products, but expensive - rather as a super tasty frozen product.

We need only one reaction: "I want it!”


It used to say that being selfish it's a bad thing. But in today's world, being selfish is a healthy choice.

You can choose a better place to work, a vacation in a beautiful place, spend your free time on things that are important to you and buy not what you need, but what you like.

The price is not important when it comes to satisfaction. The price is the same for food - everyone likes a good meal.

And if the food is very tasty, you do not want to share it.

So we've decided to cultivate food selfishness.

Naming and message


We looked at the packaging of other frozen foods and quickly closed these pages. Next, we focused on the packaging that restaurants use to deliver their food.

In a design, we used appealing photos of our product and combined them with a minimalistic Japanese-inspired design.

Here's what came out.

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