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Harvex Spray Force


The company operates in the market of equipment and spare parts for agricultural machinery. It's a national distributor and market leader in supplying spare parts and equipment for crop protection spraying machinery to agricultural producers with a 50% area coverage.

Company clients are farm owners, engineers and specialists of supply departments of agrarian enterprises with a land bank from 1001 ha to 10 000 ha.


SprayForce sells high-tech equipment for the agriculture market which is growing rapidly. The company decided to launch a new line of agricultural machinery tuning to implement the growth strategy. The new direction involves working with new customers and has a different  business activities specificity. For this purpose it was decided to create a new brand.

Project Challenges

Despite the fact that the new business of "tuning" agricultural equipment is quite similar to the existing business model of SprayForce, the client and its unresolved problems were significantly different. The first stage of our campaign was a client interview. 


One of the rules of client interview it's a face-to-face meeting. Considering pandemic limitations we revised a questionnaire and performed the interviews remotely.

Strategy Meeting

All of the 30 interview results were analyzed for unresolved challenges for future clients.

To design the value proposition for the new direction, we performed a strategy session with the client using the Value Proposition Canva methodology.


This is one of the most difficult stages of the project, because it involves finding a successful match between the vision of business leaders and creativity.

We used the association model in name building. Two areas were chosen - agriculture business and machine associations. And their combinations.


Tuning of agricultural machinery had different interpretations among customers. For example, it was often associated with the tuning of cars. It was decided to be as simple as possible:

Agricultural machinery improvement 



Digital Strategy

The main goal of the digital strategy was to create the first customer engagement funnel and hypothesis testing of customer profiles.

Landing page

The first website version for Harvex we developed according to the MVP principle because we needed to test the value and get feedback for further refinements. 

The product landing page has become the main platform for the first customer engagement.

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