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L3COS product design

About the project

L3COS is a blockchain-based operating system enabling the creation of a global digital asset marketplace.

Despite being new on the market L3COS is already used in projects related to agriculture and the protection of intellectual rights - AgriDex and ENT Global.


Our task was to create a simple and understandable explanation of the product. So that even those who have no idea what is blockchain and how it works could understand what L3COS is and how you can use it. We approached the task comprehensively and developed:

  • Product positioning
  • Communication strategy
  • Product brand elements
  • Creative strategy
  • Communication materials: website, master presentation, demo materials


Together with a team of strategists and a creative team, we decided how to present the product, formed a mission and vision, value propositions for three target audiences, and developed a master message and specific messages for each audience. We also created brand elements and a creative strategy.

All of that was used in creating the L3COS product site.


Since the product is complex and not understandable for people who do not have in-depth knowledge of blockchain, we needed to simplify it. We did a deep dive into the product, highlighted its value, and put it into simple words.

“Secure and simple data exchange.”

The expression of the product is the image of the visionary. 

The visionary is driven by the desire to bring their vision into life.


They are futurists who have a vision of the new world in their imagination. They use innovative technology and creativity to bring imagination into real life. They are looking for followers who will share their vision and believe in it. Visionary brands promise transformation. That's what L3COS is. Transformation.

Creative idea

We realized that it is easier to explain the essence of L3COS visually. Our creative team developed an idea called "So smart". With the complex and little bit ridiculous (smart, but strange and weird) chain reaction machines we do simple things to show that people tend to make their life harder by using the wrong tools. 

According to this idea, we developed the Key Visual of the brand and all subsequent materials.


The result is the L3COS site. The site’s main focus is animations, which are chain reaction machines. With the help of these animations, we show how L3COS works for all audiences, what value it brings, and how it works.

The client has 3 target audiences: people, business, and government. All TAs need separate communication, so we created a separate landing page for each group.




Interactivity. Simplicity. Essence. That's all about the L3COS site.

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