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Meat Slicing. FMCG new brand development with UX approach

TM Baschinskiy 

The company is one of the top 5 meat producers in Ukraine. It ranked second with 13.5% of the total volume. The company has over 250 product names and more than 5 trade groups: sausages, meat delicacies, culinary products, snacks, sandwiches, and a new group - frozen fully cooked meals.

Technology, values, and freshly refrigerated chicken meat - the three whales, or rather chickens, on which the company stands. TM is confidently looking forward to the future, where it has ambitious goals - to become a leader not only in the Ukrainian meat-producing industry but also in the markets of other countries.


Sandwiches in general are an old good classiс. Universal, simple for everyone, everywhere and at any time.

But as happens with any classic, it becomes outdated.


Thinking about a sandwich but imagine a piece of loaf with sausage? What happend? The idea of the sandwich is out of date and needs to be updated.


  • Make a sandwich great again 


  • Form a habit of consuming quality sliced meat delicacies.
  • To convey the advantages of packaged slices over gastronomic slices.
  • Differentiate from medium quality slices in vacuum packs.


We decided to upgrade a previous sandwich recipe and created a few more.  That's what we put into the positioning: with Baschinskiy's slices, everyone can make a delicious sandwich.


13 SKU - 13 recipes for cool sandwiches. Now you don't have to worry about "What should I buy?", "Why didn't I write the list?", "Does the aioli go well with the salami?" - and so on. 

Grab a pack and use it as an instruction manual!

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