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Promotional video production

TV campaign launch


Synevo in Ukraine has a wide network of medical laboratories and it's a part of the medical holding Medicover and consists of 98 laboratories in Eastern and Central Europe. 


Women visit medical institutions much more often than men. Therefore, the main target audience were women who make medical decisions for themselves and their families.

The problem

The most important thing in laboratory diagnosis is accuracy. 

Laboratory diagnostics that is trustworthy: processes automatization that exclude a human factor, speed,, convenience (laboratories all over the country). The main communication focus in 2020 is accuracy.

The Task 

How to tell an audience about accuracy in laboratory diagnostics?  The answer is simple - tests are performed by machines and all processes are automated as much as possible.


It is difficult for people to do many things at the same time. But the robots are multitasking, they don't get tired, and they don't have bad moods or sick days. They work precisely like Swiss watches. 


We've  created a series of promotional videos #ROBOTOCHNIANALISY.

The four stories compare a human and a machine in multitasking mode. To make it heartfelt and resonate with everyone we've used common life situations.

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